Web Exclusives

The Frantic Art Of Storytelling

Frantic Assembly are one of the most exciting theatre groups in Britain. Before their visit to York next week, Rachael Cheesman recounts their history and unique style

Fracking: environmental enemy number one?

Despite being labeled for massive protest, Seren Hughes argues that fracking is no worse than other fossil fuels

Review: Mindhunter, Episode 3

Charlie Ralph takes a closer look at Mindhunter’s detective duo

Government to tackle ‘safe space’ culture in higher education

The Department for Education has said that universities must commit to free speech

Have You Heard These People Sing?: The Lesser-Known Classics of Modern Broadway

Hundreds of musicals come out every year, so how come so few become staples of theatre nerd Spotify playlists? Charlie Ralph delves into the deeper cuts of recent Broadway history

Race Disparity Audit reveals extent of UK racial wealth divide

Following the Racial Disparity Audit’s publication, Jack Harmsworth takes a look at its key findings

Sports Tour 2018: Choosing the Perfect Destination for the Whole Team

The prospect of jetting off to a foreign country with all your team mates on tour is an exciting one,…

Travel Gallery – October

“A city of two halves” – I was in Mumbai on the 15th August 2017, an anniversary of Indian Independence…

There’s more to Peru than Machu Picchu

Back in October I made an arguably somewhat rash decision to raise £2400 for the charity Action Against Hunger and…

I rediscovered Harry Potter at age 18, and found I needed him more than ever

A year on from Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’s West End opening, Oscar Bentley reminisces on the place Harry Potter holds in his – and our – childhoods

Langwith, James, and Derwent ranked high as welfare and industry connections fall behind in Times Higher Education surveys

Langwith, James, and Derwent have all appeared in the top 30 student halls in the UK in a recent study detailed in an…

A Procrastinator Sings

Dan Hall was supposed to write an article on procrastination – but procrastinated doing it