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World cup set to expand

In the first major overhaul of the international tournament since 1998, FIFA has voted in favour of extending the World…

No justice for victims of footballers’ star status

THROUGHOUT THE history of football, there have been incidents which get ignored and passed over because of the social profile…

The Rocket arrives in York

“It’s not an endorphin sport. It’s about controlling your emotions. A thought goes in and you go, ‘Shh!’ Then another.…

FIFA are wrong to ban the poppy, here’s why

FIFA. THE GOVERNING body of world football. The organisation that has run the game of football with integrity and honour…

My first and only marathon

Zac Sheppard talks about completing last month’s Yorkshire Marathon

Alistair Cook – The vintage modern cricketer

In an ever changing world of flamboyant equipment and endless technology, why is it the same tools that were employed a hundred years ago bring so much success to one of England’s greatest?

White Rose Trophy 2016

UYCC’s George Dabby talks to Anna Coughlan about the yearly grudge match between the University of York and York St. John

Ransley: “Gold is the focal point”

Former University of York student Tom Ransley tells Tom Harle of his plans to storm the summer Olympics

Leicester’s rise met with Villa’s demise

It’s been a tumultuous season in football with noteworthy results at both the top and the bottom of the table

Adam Johnson: How was he allowed to carry on playing?

Allowing Johnson to continue to play brings morality in Sport into question

Editor’s Comment: College Varsity

One of York’s biggest sporting events has already been and gone. In fact, term two has also come and gone,…

Editor’s Comment: England’s Six Nations

Anna Coughlan thinks it might be England’s year