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Lancastrians upset with scoring at dance events

Clean sweeps at the cheerleading and dance for the host University have been met with accusations of judging bias

Roses is our Olympics so where is the athletics?

York has the athletes and the facilities, so why do we not have a dedicated athletics event at Europe’s biggest varsity?

Nicola Adams set for her first professional fight

  Prior to the 2012 Olympic Games, boxing promoter Frank Warren said that he was “not a fan” of women’s boxing.…

Crouch down to him

Adam Philpott asks why Peter Crouch is not a celebrated treasure as the Stoke City striker reaches his century of Premier League goals

Georgia clambering for a place among elite

There are increasing calls for the Six Nations to admit Georgia. James Voyle thinks it should happen for the good of the sport

Springbok legend passes away

Joost van der Westhuizen had 89 caps for South Africa and was a part of the 1995 World Cup winning team

Paying for Payet

  Last week witnessed the beginning of Dimitri Payet’s boycott of West Ham United.   Since starting at West Ham…

2016: A memorable year for British sport

Image: Wikimedia   1. Leicester City’s Premier League Heroics Far and away the most unbelievable moment from 2016 and indeed…

World cup set to expand

In the first major overhaul of the international tournament since 1998, FIFA has voted in favour of extending the World…

No justice for victims of footballers’ star status

THROUGHOUT THE history of football, there have been incidents which get ignored and passed over because of the social profile…

The Rocket arrives in York

“It’s not an endorphin sport. It’s about controlling your emotions. A thought goes in and you go, ‘Shh!’ Then another.…

FIFA are wrong to ban the poppy, here’s why

FIFA. THE GOVERNING body of world football. The organisation that has run the game of football with integrity and honour…