College Notebook

College sport leagues see tense finish

COLLEGE SPORT CAME back with a bang this term, with a host of surprises and close contests in store for…

Sport can make your university experience

As you stand in the cuttingly cold Yorkshire air, you wonder what you are doing there

The College Cup: Nouse’s definitive guide

With less than a week remaining to the start of the College Cup, David Ambrozejczyk previews everyone’s favourite college competition

The Greatest Goals of all time – Join the debate

In the week that Lionel Messi single-handedly destroyed Arsenal, Jake Farrell picks his favourite five goals that not only displayed exemplary class and technique but came at the most crucial of times

Wilkinson should not be the scapegoat for England’s failings

Jonny Wilkinson should not take the blame for England’s inability to play any imaginative rugby in their unsuccessful Six Nations campaign

Tiger’s image not helped by stage-managed apology

Yesterday, disgraced golfer Tiger Woods stood behind a podium in Florida and read a 14-minute statement with the phoney air of a politician. It looked all-too-familiar, argues Jake Farrell

The Greatest Show on Earth – Nouse’s Superbowl Preview

David Ambrozejczyk looks ahead to Superbowl XLIV on Sunday, was the Indianapolis Colts take on the New Orleans Saints in Miami

Gaining the services of Bradley Wiggins is a tremendous coup for Team Sky

Dave Brailsford has acted shrewdly in bringing Olympic gold medalist and Tour de France tyro Bradley Wiggins to Team Sky, believes Jake Farrell

College Notebook: The critical importance of Dodgeball

With Sunday’s annual dodgeball tournament worth as many College Sport points as an entire term’s football or rugby, Thomas Gibby argues that some kind of balance needs to be struck

Does homosexuality have a place in modern football?

Henry Cowen considers whether homosexuality is football’s last taboo and urges the Football Association and supporters to send homophobia the same way as racism and hooliganism

College Notebook: James vs Collingwood

In a busy day of sport, James College hosted Collingwood, from the University of Durham. Sports Editor Adam Shergold rounds up the action

College Notebook – All’s well with College Hockey

The College Hockey season got underway on a beautifully sunlit Astroturf this morning. Not something worth readjusting your GMT-attuned, extra-hour-beneath-the-sheets clocks for you might think – well, you’d be wrong