Special Reports

Predictions: The year of the first female President

Alex Davenport sticks his neck and predicts that for all of Donald Trump’s sound and fury, Hillary Clinton ought to finish the year as the next President of the United States

York Union Review: The fall and rise of Ivan Massow

Having amassed fortunes through a variety of business endeavours, initially through introducing gay-friendly financial services when contemporary competitors existed in an environment of homophobia, Massow is the archetypal entrepreneur and compassionate Conservative

An interview with Ivan Massow

James Humpish interviews Ivan Massow, businessman, gay rights advocate and former conservative candidate for London Mayor

York Union Review: The decriminalisation of prostitution would be a disaster

The York Union’s latest event, on the decriminalisation of prostitution, featured a decidedly diverse panel

Tories, Twitter and Tuition Fees.

Politics Editor Katy Sandalls talks to Minister for Skills and Equalities Nick Boles about coalition life, Tory majorities and social media

Students support more power to the regions

In its latest report the York Student Think Tank found that 64 per cent of participants believed that regions should…

York Union: Dominic Grieve Interview

This interview was conducted prior to the election on the 8th May. Technical issues mean it only appears now. The…

York Union: Dominic Grieve Review

For their final event of term , The York Union welcomed former Attorney General Dominic Grieve QC to the University…

Report from the Queerstion Time Debate

For members of marginalised groups, voting in elections comes with the extra consideration of who will benefit, and who will…

Myths and reality: Building the peace and avoiding the war with Russia.

This week marks an official first anniversary of the Russian annexation of the Crimean peninsula, which is often seen as…

Maureen Freely – On the English PEN Society

Monday the 2nd of February, the event in Authors and Activists series organized by York PEN Society, welcomed Maureen Freely…

Shami Chakrabarti – On Human Rights

Last Thursday, on the 22nd of January, the City of York welcomed Shami Chakrabarti in series of public discussions organized…