Politics News

‘New new Labour?’ Jeremy Corbyn’s second bite at the Labour leadership

Oliver Alderton explores the implications of Labour’s leadership election

Israel says goodbye to Peres

ON 28 SEPTEMBER the man called ‘the last founding father of Israel’ passed away at the age of 92. Shimon…

End of an era?

The death of the Uzbek President throws region into uncertainty

Undercover at Vote Leave

The York Racecourse hosted Boris Johnson, former London Mayor, to preach Brexit to the converted. Finn Judge, an outspoken “Bremainer”, dons a Vote Leave t-shirt to investigate

No end in sight for refugee plight

Living on and around our beautiful, serene campus here at the University of York, it is perhaps forgivable to forget that Europe is in the midst of a refugee crisis. In the news, however, countless reports recount the plight of refugees. Whilst their struggles may seem distant, their stories appeal to our common humanity

National Union of Students comes under attack

With Malia Bouattia’s polarising ascent to its presidency and no action on electoral reform, the NUS is facing an existential crisis, Finn Judge reports

Irish Elections ’16: The end for Kenny?

With Ireland’s Labour all but wiped out, Enda Kenny faces tough choices in forming the next coalition government, Alex Davenport reports

Moderates Take Numerous Seats in Iranian Elections

Deputy Comment Editor, Sam Lees, evaluates Iran’s Election Results

China cracks down on freedoms as world heats up

The mysterious reappearance of foreign booksellers raises questions surrounding China’s attitudes to freedom of expression, at a time when international relations are under increasing strain

Calais ‘Jungle’ Camp Burns as France Asserts Itself on the Refugee Crisis

Maria Munir reflects on France’s inhumane practices to Calais ‘jungle’ residents

Victory for “In” campaign as PolSoc hosts first EU debate

A snap Twitter poll, conducted after the Politics Society event, indicated that 80% of audience members agreed that the pro-EU panellists had best presented their arguments, invoking panic from student Leave campaigners

York Union Review: This House believes that multiculturalism has failed Britain

The Union’s latest debate brought in more distinguished guests, and for such a weighty topic left the audience (and panel) laughing a surprisingly large amount at the absurdities that divide and unify us