How to Play

First things first, you need to register using your Nouse account with an associated University of York IT Services email address (e.g. abc123). You’ll need to re-register for each year you play.

Choose a team name (e.g. The World’s Best Team) and enter your full name (e.g Stuart Ball) so that everyone in the league will know it when you’re sitting pretty at the top of the table.

Picking your team

This is where knowledge, guesswork and a bit of forethought will come into play. You have a budget of £50m to spend on a team of 11 players.

First select a formation from the tabs at the top left of the pitch (4-4-2, 4-3-3, 3-5-2, 5-3-2)

Then click Add to pick a player for each position. This show you all the players available for your selected position.

Complete this process for all positions. If you don’t wish to complete your team in one sitting, your picks will be saved when you log out. To log in again you will need your IT Services username and chosen password.

Submitting your team

Once you have a full selection of 11 players valued at £50m or under, you can submit a team by clicking the Submit Team button at the bottom of the page. You will then be asked for a final confirm of your submission.

If you have gone over budget, the ‘Submit Team’ button will be greyed out, until you have adjusted your squad accordingly.

Once you have submitted a team you will not be able to change it until the Transfer Window between the end of the group stages and the quarter finals. – 6.00pm on 11th and 12.00pm 14th June 2010 (Friday week 7 and Monday week 8)

During the window you will be able to make 4 changes to your team. This could be crucial for scoring in the final stages.


Now watch as your team scores points according to how they play in every game of the College Cup (excluding Plate games – see ‘Game Rules’ below). Players score points for the following:



* Goals from penalty shoot-outs are not counted; see Game Rules below for details.

Clean sheets


Game Rules

Crossover players will only score points for the higher team. For example if Connor Meckin is registered to play for Halifax 1sts and as a cross-over to Halifax 2nds, he will not score any points for the his performance in the 2nds. This is in the interest of fairness, giving all players the opportunity to play an equal number of games. Bear this in mind when selecting your picks.

Games played in the Plate and Vase will not count towards the fantasy points.

Users can enter 1 team only. This is in the interest of fairness, giving each user an equal opportunity to win.

Man of the Match will be awarded by Nouse after every game.

Penalty shoot-out goals or saves will not count towards fantasy points. However, penalties scored in the course of normal play will count towards points and will be awarded according to position.

Nouse staff are able to enter teams but will not qualify for any of the prizes. In the event of a member of Nouse finishing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, the prizes will be handed out to the next non-Nouse members according to league position.