York Union

What is YUSU?

When you set up an organisation it is possible that in order to make that organisation successful you may forget…

New Patron of the York Union announced

The Spectator’s Business Editor will take up the role of Patron to The York Union

York Union review: “This House believes that immigration MUST be curbed”

Michael Hollins reviews the hotly debated York Union event. Includes exclusive interview with Dan Hodges and Victoria Ayling

York Union Review: Debt and antidepressants – are today’s students too scared to succeed?

Emily Collins reviews Professor Tanya Byron’s talk on mental health issues among young people

York Union Review: Jon Snow: Iran, the US, and current affairs

George Wood reviews another top-notch York Union event

York Union Review: Alastair Campbell: Life and Times

Rosie Shields reviews the sold out York Union event

York Union Review: This House believes Thatcherism must be abandoned to save Britain’s economy

This Wednesday, a second debate in a series of debates and talks organised by York Union this term, focused on…

Review: Religion debate, York Union

Lucie Parker reviews the York Union’s spectacular first event

Students create York Union

A group of students have founded the York Union. The independent group will run an expanded debate and speaker programme building on this year’s Nouse Events series

Festival of Ideas: Implementation key in welfare debate

Should a single working man fund a family on £26,000 in benefits? Why is the welfare process so useless? How…

Anthony Seldon: Politics, Education, Happiness

Nouse Events hosted commentator, author and headmaster Anthony Seldon on Friday for the first talk of this term

Rachel Reeves: Coalition failings and Labour’s alternative

Rachel Reeves, Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, spoke last night to over 100 people in the Bowland Auditorium for…