Elections Comment

Battle of the colleges: who’s got the BNOCs

In YUSU elections, some colleges are more equal than others, reveals Michael Mokrysz

Freshers need more from their Union

First year Jan de Boer highlights why more and more freshers are disengaged with YUSU

What have the elections ever done for us?

Jack Davies questions whether the YUSU democratic process is worth all the fuss, let alone the egomania

YUSU Elections: The Issues

With online campaigning officially underway, we take an irreverent look at the battleground issues that could make, or break, a…

Who really cares about YUSU elections?

For most students, union politics just don’t affect them enough to vote

YUSU Elections Survey Results

I’ve always wondered why people vote and what they base this voting on, especially when it comes to student elections.…

Cardboard campaigns and the environment

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this week – or in Halifax – you can’t have failed to notice…

What to expect when you’re electing

At this stage in your life, you’ve probably had to reject a few of your dream jobs out of sheer…

The dos and don’ts of campaigning

A new election season is upon us and a fresh crop of YUSU hopefuls have begun their foray into the…