Thomas Underwood

Thomas Underwood, English Literature 3rd year

What are your three main policies? 1. Add an extra tier of student support and provide mental health first aid training to all porters and security. 2. Establish neighbourhood reps to bring off-campus students back into the fold of university life. 3. Create an organised student response policy regarding external speakers which revolves around student consultation from all parties.

Could you describe yourself in two – three sentences? This is a tough one, but I’d say that I’m pretty outgoing, and definitely someone who’s willing to give things a shot. I play underwater hockey, I write, and get involved in a fair bit of mental health activism. For me, the most important part of my university experience has been trying out new and exciting things, which have really given me the adaptability I need to take on the role of Community and Wellbeing Officer.

What makes you well suited for the role? I’m totally driven and I have a commitment to getting stuff done. Pretty much my entire university life has been dedicated to well being, from being the chairing Constantine Wellbeing Officer, to giving talks, to advising national charity policy, I’ve been committed from the beginning.

How are you planning to conduct your campaign? You’ll see the usual stuff, the cardboard, the Facebook posts, the leaflets, etc, but Mia (who’s running against me) and I have agreed that we want to raise awareness about the issues of those with disabilities in the election process. For these candidates, a lot of the campaigning is simply not achievable, and we want to highlight this by boycotting certain things, like lecture shout outs, most club nights, and the campaign videos. We’re not saying that the candidates who do these things are ableist, just that these are activities that those with disabilities will find harder to accomplish. So for us this campaign is less about what you will see, and more about what you won’t see.

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