Tess Parker and Jacob Webb

Image: YUSU

Image: YUSU

Second Year
Social and Political Sciences

Second Year
Social Policy

What made you decide to run for Environment and Ethics Officer?
Tess: We’re not complainers – if you see something you can change, you may as well get off the couch and do something. I think we have an opportunity to put what we’re learning, especially as Social Policy and Politics students, into practice, and experience is so worth it.
Jacob: I care about student politics because I care about my university. Politics, despite its bad reputation, is a means to change things that you don’t like.

Sum up your main policies.
– Promote reuse: Start a repair café linking students with broken stuff with those who can repair it
– Promote recycling: Make recycling points more obvious, create a map of their whereabouts and work to increase their number
– Better inform: Create an environment pack to be available online and in college freshers’ packs which would include a map of recycling points, leftover recipes etc.
– Promote food sustainability: Promote more meat-free and local meals on campus

Describe yourselves in three words.
Tess: Kiwi, sneaky, positive.
Jacob: Unique, fast, bright.

What makes you different to the other candidates?
That’s a hard one because we have no idea as of yet what the other candidates are bringing to the table – but we know we would bring lots of motivation to create positive and sustainable change.

What experience do you have that will be good for the role?
Tess: I’ve always been interested in changing the things I am able to change, whether that’s been being a part of New Zealand Labour Youth, staffing camps for Peace Education, or just generally educating myself about social issues that I believe are important. I also just think it’s time for an pair of Environment and Ethics Officers who are really dedicated to getting the idea out there that is it normal and relevant to care about environmental and ethical issues and putting this into daily practice.

Jacob: Presently I am Co-Chair of the Applied Social Science and Social Policy Society. Through this I have developed communication skills and a grit to get things done, both of which would be extremely useful is this role. Alongside my degree, which has greatly educated me about ethics, I have also been involved in Oxfam and Amnesty societies at the University which has informed me about a number of important issues.

What will you do differently to Oliver Duguid and Charles Pottle, the current Environment and Ethics Officers?
We would try and promote environmental and ethical food more, start our ‘repair café’ and create an environmental pack for freshers’ packs (which would include a map of recycling points). That said, despite our own targets, we would hope to continue some previous schemes such as the graduation garden started by Charlie and Ollie. Often, to achieve long term change, a long term strategy is needed and rather than ignoring previous policy we will attempt to provide continuity where needed. On a more humorous note, Charlie and Ollie campaigned for the position bare – we’re campaigning bear!

Tell us an interesting fact about yourselves.
Tess: I grew up on a dormant volcano in the forest, five minutes from the beach.
Jacob: I grew up in a housing estate, and at one point went to the same school as Cher Lloyd.

What do you think of the other candidates?
Good people. Should be a solid fight to the finish.

What do you think the biggest challenge you’ll face during elections will be?

What’s your campaign strategy?
If we told you that, we’d have to kill you.

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