Sean Pullen

Image: YUSU

Image: YUSU

Second Year
Film and Television Production

What made you decide to run for Academic Officer?
I’m running because I’m here to get a degree and it isn’t cheap. If I can work to improve the status of York, it means that all of our degrees’ status will go up.

Sum up your main policies.
Introduce Study Cafés, create a Working Partnership Agreement, raise the profile of Student Reps, restructure GSA representation in YUSU and overhaul the VLE

Describe yourself in three words.
Ginger, Mondays, tea.

What makes you different to the other candidates?
Me and the other candidates are all pretty similar actually and I get along with them very well. The main difference [is that I’m a ] Hes East based student. Apart from that we’re all pretty evenly qualified I feel.

What experience do you have that will be good for the role?
[I’ve been] a Course Rep [and was] Highly Commended [for it] at the YUSU Awards, a Department Rep (who sits on National Student Survey Working Group, Library Committee, and You and Your Library Working Group) [and] Chair of the Student-Staff Forum for TFTV. I also spent last summer on exchange at Seoul National University, so have some experience as a visiting student.

What will you do differently to George Offer, the current Academic Officer?
I’d make use of social media more, keep places in my calendar for just chatting with students, always make time for student media, and I’d get more stuck in with and promote things that can contribute to student employability such as exchange programmes, the York Award and of course societies.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.
I am named after a famous James Bond actor.

What do you think of the other candidates?
I think that any of us would make a capable Academic Officer and if I don’t win I’d be happy to work with any one of them next year as a Department Rep – because I’ll still be here.

What do you think the biggest challenge you’ll face during elections will be?
My already rammed timetable as a TFTV student is probably going to slow me down a bit, but I hope my lovely and amazing campaign team will make up for some of that.

What’s your campaign strategy?
Talk to as many people as possible. I think that what will really win votes is for people to just speak to me and understand how passionate I am about academic representation – look at my experience for a start – and I’ll build some trust with everyone from there.

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