Daniel Bowen

Daniel ‘SpiderDan’ Bowen, English Literature 3rd year

What are your three main policies? 1. Improved support for societies with a new, video-based resource hub to make society management more accessible, opt-in workshops and focused networking events. 2. Renegotiate the activities table, so that societies can have greater autonomy over their election dates and calendars. 3. Put a wider focus on Volunteering and RAG during ‘Give It a Go’ week.

Could you describe yourself in two – three sentences? I’m the kind of excitable, extroverted person who struggles to sit still for more than about half an hour at a time. I think the most valuable part of my university experience has been getting heavily involved in student societies – doing a degree so based around reading, I’ve needed an active social life just to keep me sane! When I’m not on campus I’m usually in the kitchen, as I really like cooking too.

What makes you well suited for the role? I took over as chair of LGBTQ society quite suddenly, and we had little in the way of a handover at all, so I had to figure out the basics of running a society from the ground up. It was a pretty stressful year – but I think it means I have a lot of experience for giving support to student activities when students feel like they need it the most. I don’t think people realise quite how large some of our society events are; our termly ‘icebreaker’ event attracts several hundred people, and is so popular that we’ve recently been offered our own, more regular YUSU LGBTQ night. I’ve engaged with all sorts of other activities – including running campus-wide event Sexposé, producing marketing materials for Nightline, and writing for multiple campus papers.

How are you planning to conduct your campaign? I’ve bought myself a cheap, very tight, and slightly revealing Spider-Man costume. I’m going to be running around campus asking people what they want out of an Activities Officer, and just generally making a fool of myself. This will be happening all week long, so if you spot me around campus, please come and say hello – if you do come up you’d really make me feel less awkward!

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