Chris Wall

Image: YUSU

Image: YUSU

Film and TV Production

What made you decide to run for Student Activities Officer?
I really care about giving people the chance to make the most out of their time at university. Seeing the amazing things that all our projects, societies and the RAG events can do is one of the best things about uni and I want to continue to help make them the best they can be.

Sum up your main policies.
– Give support across the board that not only helps you with making your activity the best it can be, [but also with] making it so that it helps you get a job. This means providing comprehensive training for everyone in activities, whether they are College Reps, Project Coordinators or society secretaries. Everyone should get training to do the job better and have it accredited or recognised so it helps you stand out when it comes to getting a job.

– More promotion avenues. Using space in YUSU bars, physical space around campus and also more online tools to give you the communication platforms you want. Open to clubs, colleges and more. This means that for people who want to know about stuff happening on campus and those who want to push their event there is a place to go.

– Give it A Go. Having a termly booklet produced showing exactly what you can get involved in with YUSU. Whether this is trips away, skills classes, society taster sessions and pretty much anything else. It means you’ll know exactly what to do and where to go to get involved and make the most of your time here. You can see examples at Leeds and Sheffield of what it is and they are extremely popular.

– The other thing is making sure your voice is heard every day. Not enough Activities candidates talk about the fact that we’re elected to represent you. In meetings with the University and fighting for all the things you want: space, storage, buildings. I do these things now and will keep doing so and we should hopefully be seeing some results.

Describe yourself in three words.
Personable, caring, committed.

What makes you different to the other candidates?
I’m different from the other candidates in that I’m currently doing the role! It’s a job with a steep learning curve and electing someone like me who has that experience is invaluable. Also, as the only full-time Officer re-running I can bring some stability and continuity with the strategy and website changes that we’re making.

What experience do you have that will be good for the role?
As I mentioned, I’ve currently being doing the role since the start of summer and that experience is invaluable. Over the summer, as a first year sabb there is a lot of training and workshops to go through to give you the necessary contacts and skills to make the changes you want. Being able to utilise the time in summer knowing a lot of these things already means I’ll be able to use the time much more effectively and really make a difference.

What will you do differently if you were re-elected?
I think that I’d … use everything I’ve got over the past year as a grounding point to launch bigger things.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.
I run my own business performing mind reading at weddings and parties across the UK and this has led to me being featured on television, radio and in national press.

What do you think of the other candidates?
They’ve all achieved some amazing things in their respective roles. I am really excited by how many people want to get involved in Student Activities and care about the role.

What do you think the biggest challenge you’ll face during elections will be?
Remembering to eat! It seems daft but I remember from last year that you’d get so caught up talking to people and trying to get to events and the like that you’d just forget to eat because there wouldn’t be time!

What’s your campaign strategy?
Talking to people! At the start of this year I tried to meet every society chair one-to-one to talk to them about what they wanted to achieve this year. I’m good at talking to people and I think that’s the main thing – so if you see me out and about, come and say hi and let me know about your ideas and your thoughts.

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