Andy Macauley

Image: YUSU

Image: YUSU

First Year

What made you decide to run for LBGTQ Officer?
The accepting attitudes towards LGBTQ at York helped me to come out and I want to continue to build upon that positive and supportive LGBTQ community that York is so blessed to have.

Sum up your main policies.
– On-campus HIV testing to be offered twice a term to all students and promoted and publicised to everyone, not just LGBTQ students, to help reduce the stigmas regarding HIV as a ‘gay disease’
– Talks at local secondary schools on LGBTQ sex, health and relationships to teach younger generations the importance of self-worth and self-perception.
– Greater awareness of sexual health issues, chosen by students, in the form of informative monthly publications, to encourage testing and raise awareness
– Integration of non-LGBTQ members of the University to make LGBTQ less of isolated minority group. By making college welfare teams work closely with their student committees, improving the way welfare issues are reported, and the availability of support, such as Open Door, Nightline and college welfare, students can be signposted to getting the help they need, whenever they require it.

Describe yourself in three words.
Diligent, quirky, extrovert.

What makes you different to the other candidates?
My main policies focus on broadening the reach of LGBTQ around the University. LGBTQ may represent a minority of students but by encompassing the support of non-LGBTQ members of the University, the LGBTQ community can go from strength to strength. HIV is still very much surrounded by societal stigmas of being a ‘gay disease’ and as teaching is the best way to raise awareness, people will become more informed – prejudice often arises out of ignorance and fear of the unknown and I feel that this is particularly the case with sexual health. Voting for me will help make LGBTQ less of a minority or taboo, giving it proper importance and exposure to help students feel comfortable being themselves.

What experience do you have that will be good for the role?
I am a diligent and determined individual with a powerful ambition to make a positive change in the LGBTQ community, despite never having held a leadership position.

What will you do differently to Madeleine Boden, the current LGBTQ Officer?
I will build upon the fact that my predecessor brought HIV testing on campus from MESMAC but I will be opening it up to and promoting it to all members of the university, not just LGBTQ. All my other policies are new areas focusing on broadening the reach LGBTQ has at the University.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.
I make mashups and remixes which I upload to YouTube.

What do you think of the other candidates?
May the odds be ever in all our favours.

What do you think the biggest challenge you’ll face during elections will be?
The sheer level of campaigning and work to [be] put in to encourage students to vote. A lot of students aren’t interested in student politics but with the right style and type of campaigning, this can be potentially overcome.

What’s your campaign strategy?
Well, that would be telling! But hard honest work is a good place to start.

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