The Weekly Nouse Edition 21

Published on 15 March 2021

From Our Editors

CIB: If Freud can use commas, so can I!

Do you know what I’m getting sick of? It’s seeing feedback on my essays that bang on about how my sentences are too long and my language use is confusing in parts. Fair criticism, I take that on board and realise I’m not the best essay writer. However, why then criticise me when you also see works by Freud, Foucault, Butler, Spivak as the most pristine, most brilliant texts of academia when no one understands what they’re saying half the time? Growing tired of this hypocrisy - if Freud can use commas, so can I! - Matthew King

From Our Editors

MUSE Recommends: The Oscars Edition

With the Academy Award nominations being released earlier this week, the Nouse Editors give their opinions on which films they are most excited about!