The Weekly Nouse Edition 16

Published on 3 February 2021

From Our Editors

CIB: “White chocolate isn‘t real chocolate“

White chocolate isn’t real chocolate - it tastes nothing like it. It doesn’t contain any cocoa solids and actually contains a lot of fillers like palm oil and sweeteners. In fact, it’s legally not even classed as chocolate, it’s only called this as a marketing ploy to get you to believe it’s just as good as the real thing. White ‘chocolate’ is nothing like its namesake, and it’s time we recognised it for the impostor that it is. - Annabel Mulliner

From Our Editors

Ask the Editors

From first kisses to a quick smooch from a friend, these are the Nouse Editors favourite Film and TV snogs. Poussey and Soso in Orange is the New Black: I remember watching this couple blossom back when I first watched OITNB and it melted my stone cold heart then and it still does now. These two characters are perhaps the most unlikely pair but work together so well. All made sadder by what happens just as things start to look up for them both. Matt, Editor Dani and Jamie in The Haunting of Bly Manor: This is by far my favourite on-screen relationship and their kiss marks the beginning of a new chapter for Dani, where she accepts her queerness and escapes the ghosts of her past. Their love story is both beautiful and gut-wrenching, it’s well worth sitting through the jump scares to see it play out, but have your tissues at the ready. Annabel, Deputy Editor Eric and Adam in Sex Education: I’m absolutely living for this storyline in Netflix’s Sex Education. Eric is one of the only openly gay men at his Secondary school and Adam is his bully turned forbidden lover (toxic and stereotypical I know!). When these two finally kissed I found myself wholeheartedly cheering and applauding the two. Emily, Deputy MUSE Editor Lara-Jean and Peter in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before: Lara-Jean and Peter’s kiss in the hot tub gets my vote as it perfectly captures the simple yet meaningful first kiss of a High School relationship. Not to mention I’d been totally rooting for them for the whole film up to that point! Elizabeth, Arts Editor Kevin and Chiron in Moonlight: This film didn't half make me cry and the painstaking relationship that follows between the two characters is heart wrenching. Great film, great kiss, you love to see it. Charlotte, Food and Drink Editor Muse banner image: Channel 4