Rape is nothing to do with the EU

The ever-contentious Nigel Farage has once again decided to twist reality simply to serve his own warped agenda. The UKIP…

Legal highs and bureaucratic lows

The Psychoactive Substances Bill has been shelved for the moment, but it still looms over us, with Home Office sources suggesting that there are still plans for it to come into force later this year

Bernie Sanders and Radiohead

A meme recently popped up on my news feed, purporting to compare Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders’ views on the important issue of Radiohead

Dishonesty, justice and fags

Like most people who value looking cool and hastening their departure from this flawed, cruel world, I’m a smoker

Prosperity or Equality? Neither

Luke Rix-Standing examines how the political compass manifests itself in real life

Stop Dehumanising the Vulnerable

Last week, we heard that two of those responsible for the death of Aylan Kurdi had been sentenced in a…

The Cult of Anti-Humanism

After finally receiving what must be the most-anticipated Oscar in the Academy’s history, Leonardo DiCaprio took this opportunity to lecture…

#OscarsSoWhite needs new focus

The stats and the critics suggest that the outrage must be re-aligned

Gaming and Islamophobia

At the moment, the anti-Muslim, anti-refugee sentiment across Europe is at an all-time high

May’s reforms must be stopped

From April, non-EU graduates in the UK will have to prove that they’re earning £35,000 or more per year in order to stay in the country

New Year, same virtue-signalling

Everyone’s main goal in life should be to better themselves. There’s no better time to do that than now. University…

Education is the route to equality

“All I want for Christmas is the abolition of the imperialist, white supremacist, misogynistic, capitalist heteropatriarchy”, announces the widely-circulated photo…