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Why the #MeToo Campaign Must Include Men Too

Men, wake up: not being “the problem” is no longer enough, it’s time to be a part of the solution

CLASH OF COMMENTS: Should those responsible for the Grenfell effigy bonfire be prosecuted?

Should those responsible for burning an effigy of Grenfell Tower be prosecuted? James Abbott and Matthew King give their takes

Slurring champagne socialists is unfair

Wealthy individuals that support a crucial cause get undue criticism for their beliefs

Don’t dismiss the white poppy: it serves an important purpose

We should remember all of the victims of war, including civilians killed

You don’t hate Twilight, you just hate teenage girls

On the tenth anniversary of Twilight, it is time to reassess the overblown and vitriolic reaction to the YA franchise

Little is likely to change after the US midterms

Despite their win, the Democrats in the House face an uphill battle against a system designed to benefit the elite

Cabinet resignations are now not significant news

It’s unlikely that the exits of Johnson, Raab, and McVey are going to result in a change to the Brexit deal

York needs to join the fossil fuel divestment wave

The time has finally come for York to divest from fossil fuels, YUSU Environment & Ethics Officer argues

There should not be a People’s Vote, and YUSU should not be wasting our money on it

Okay so now that I’ve used the phrase ‘people’s vote’ in the title let’s dispel that myth. This is not…

An end to Kleenex Mansize is not a huge issue

Those condemning “snowflake feminists” misrepresent the long-term goals of the feminist movement

I’m sick of all these Harry Potter shops on the Shambles

These horrid tat shops are Weasleying their way onto our historic street

CLASH OF COMMENTS: Should referenda be used in our democracy?

Clash of comment on whether referenda should be increasingly used in the UK