Campus Comment

Sexual harassment needs reporting at university

We at York are not doing to enough to combat harassment and hate crime

Now is the time to combat the TEF, not boycott the NSS

Boycotting the NSS will do little against the TEF, while hurting our own university

Consent education must start earlier to change minds

Consent is a crucial issue, but is university the arena in which to address it?

Why every student ought to back the UCU

Strike action isn’t taken lightly and nor is it born of greed. It is the most sensible option

The Meaning of Life?

Robert Tibke bemoans the popular nihilism of today’s youth, and questions whether there’s any point to their musings

How will Brexit affect students?

The university have taken encouraging measures, but there are many questions still to be answered for how Brexit will shape York’s future

International students are no longer welcome in the UK

The latest governmental reforms have deeply unfair consequences for Britain’s many international students

BNOC culture – how we’ve drunk our own Kool-aid

Does anyone actually care about all these BNOCs?

The NUS, prisons and jumping the shark

The latest NUS motion suggesting the abolition of prisons is one more in a line of fatuous interjections that do the NUS little credit

CLASH OF COMMENTS: Should Obama have apologised for the atomic bomb while visiting Hiroshima?

Elliot Banks and Dom Smithies discuss whether President Obama made the right move in apologising for the Hiroshima nuclear bombing, an attack that was launched before he was even born

The NUS works for postgrads, too

It’s a funny old life, being a postgrad. You’re still a student, for all the good and bad that comes with that, but you’re meant to be a proper grown-up, too. It’s expensive, too. You’re not earning, but you still have to live – and pay thousands in fees

Change for better higher education, or just for higher fees?

YUSU President Ben Leatham gives us his thoughts on the recent higher education white paper put forward by the Universities Minister, Jo Johnson, the less infamous brother of Boris