CLASH OF COMMENTS: Should the United States abandon the Electoral College?

YES – Oscar Bentley Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by over a million more votes than Donald Trump according…

Mental health campaigns must go beyond hashtags

Students must face the challenge of an unprecedented mental health crisis, argues Amelia Clarke

Don’t call Trump voters deplorable, debate them

Trump’s campaign succeeded by tapping into a wide range of grievances which we must engage with and discuss fully

Given a rock and a hard place, vote Clinton

Chloe Kent makes the case that, no matter how humiliating, those opposed to Trump ought to have cast aside their principles and voted for Hillary

Louis Smith and the freedom to behave yourself

Freedom of speech is a precious quality, let’s not cheapen it

Save Iraqi culture from ruin

The international community must act to save Iraq’s ancient cultural sites, argues Jonny Moynihan

Calling all liberals: it’s time to change our ways

If we don’t stop insulting our opponents and sweeping ideas we dislike under the rug, liberalism will remain the politics of the elite

Student Charter? Treat us like we’re adults

Oscar Jefferson argues that the values espoused by York’s new Student Charter are non-specific truisms that do not need to be taught to students

With Trump’s election, the United States has regressed 60 years

Violet Daniels argues that Trump’s victory is the result of widespread political disillusionment and reveals deep-seated divisions within the US

A campaign of character assassination is how Hillary lost the election

How did Hillary lose the election that was in her grasp?
Jan de Boer explains the problems with the Clinton Campaign

Artificial intelligence: not if but when

As our computer technology improves we get ever closer to creating an artificial intelligence with near godlike power