Business Features

Managing your finances at university

Six students give you their tips for managing money on a student budget

Danske Bank scandal rocks European finance world

Laundered money, Russian influence, and shady British corporate structures: the Danske Bank scandal has rattled Europe’s patchy system of financial…

The Secret Ingredient is… Privatisation

The United Kingdom is now the most unequal country in Europe. A fate that logically should have befallen a much…

Placing the spotlight on our night economy

Editor Jacob Phillips analyses the impact of the night economy revolution

INET conference takes issue with rentier driven dual economy

Business Correspondent Boris Arnold provides an insight into the recent INET conference on building a better economic future

‘Fast fashion’ wrecks the environment

The scandal of ‘fast fashion’ has become a normalised business model in the western world which is now hiding itself…

If robots take our jobs, will they be taxed?

In the wake of Bill Gates’ comments on needing to tax machines that replace workers, James Humpish contemplates the impact of unemployment and public services in the technological revolution

Portugal: making the case against austerity

Jack Harmsworth highlights Portugal as an economy that’s picking up despite rejecting austerity as a policy platform

Jobs won’t work if they keep workers poor

Boris Arnold explains how with more low-wage jobs on the rise, a new form of poverty is beginning to prevail in the form of in-work poverty

Business unusual: Pay as you feel

Pay-as-you-feel organisations shouldn’t stand a chance, yet maybe they’re exactly the model some causes need

York Women’s Equality Party talks business

The President and Secretary of the University of York’s Women’s Equality Party chat to Business Editor James Humpish about the national party as a pressure group, the gender pay gap and quotas

Business unusual: Airbnb

James Humpish analyses how Airbnb dominates as a means to finding flexible accommodation while not holding any property itself