Business Comment

‘Trumped up, trickle down’ and prosperity

Populistic or presidential? James Humpish gets to the bottom of Trump’s economic mantra

Zero hour contracts: Due for a major overhaul?

Zero hour contracts have been a source of great controversy. Following the massive increase in zero-hour contracts over the last…

‘Global markets, we have a cunning plan honest’ Britain tells the financial world

With no-one having a cunning plan for Brexit, financial markets have been erratic. Our business editor, Elliott Banks, provides comment on this period of instability and what should happen to placate global traders

Comment: France needs its ‘Thatcher moment’

Should Hollande be looking towards the Iron Lady for inspiration?

GOP Economics: cuts, tax and no moderation

What do the Republican candidates have in store for America financially?

‘There are only two things certain in life… taxes and tax deals’

Our Business Editor, Elliott Banks, provides comment on Google’s tax deal with HMRC

The GOP Business Debate: A Review

This week in Milwaukee, the frontrunners of the Republican Party gathered for an evening of intellectual discussion about the American economy. Our business editor reviews the result

The great Garden Bridge debate

With the Garden Bridge now back on the agenda, Finn Judge and Nathalie Taylor examine the debate

How to Spend Your Student Loan Wisely

Gone from the warm embrace of home, suddenly it’s all on you (and Freshers’ Week is bloody expensive)

Student Maintenance Grants Scrapped – Finance available, support abolished.

James Humpish discusses the government’s decision to scrap maintenance grants

Election 2015: No Business like Party Business

Whilst party promises come ten-a-penny, the outcome of today’s General Election promises nothing but a hung parliament.  Issues which parties…

Milking the Yak for all its worth

James Pascoe examines Yik Yak, the app that has taken university campuses around the world by storm