Business Comment

Zero to hero – the argument for zero hours

James Humpish makes a case for zero hour reform as opposed to scrapping

Business unusual: Snapchat

In this week’s business unusual, James Humpish tries to understand why last week investors valued Snapchat as high as they did when it’s never earned a profit…

Businesses ambivalent to Trump’s travel ban

Matt Freathy examines the proactive response tech companies have adopted toward the immigration ban while other businesses seem to tow the line

Student loans sale – a big deal?

James Humpish questions how the government sale of loans actually affects students and what private investors have to gain

Valentine’s Day, or Valentine’s Nay?

In the wake of Valentine’s Day, Jack Harmsworth scrutinises the holiday and it’s commercial motivation

Maximum wage can support the economy has a whole

Adam Hill explains why maximum wage doesn’t have to be so problematic for growth after all

Trump’s Mexican gambit

Instrumental to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was constructing a wall between the US and Mexico. Now that he is President, Matt Freathy discusses just how such a wall could be funded and specifically who will pay for it

LEGO blocks adverts on Daily Mail

Jack Harmsworth provides insight into the influence businesses’ interests have over the messages sent out by the media as LEGO withdraws its advertising through The Daily Mail

Trump hired due to showman act prevailing

Jack Harmsworth explains why now that Donald Trump is president-elect, soon no one will be president

Heathrow expansion: oh what’s in a plane?

The May Government is right to back a third runway at Heathrow Airport. It will not be appreciated by environmentalists…

US election fuels market uncertainty

When it comes to two unpopular prospects, the best one can do is have a clearer idea of which prospect it is that needs to be dealt with

Less Green on the other side: the BHS story continues

As the House of Commons strip down Phillip Green, James Humpish and Peter Sequeira turn their attention to Green’s successor, Dominic Chappell