Elections Blog

The societies showdown

Well readers, if you’re looking for a bloody battle this election season, it looks like the realm of student activities shall provide generously

If at first you don’t succeed…

Well, in a surprising turn of events, it looks like this year the words of 90s musical legend Aaliyah are to become the unofficial motto of this year’s YUSU nominees

The Race returns

Welcome back to The Race, reborn and revitalised in all its controversial and gossip-mongering glory. Some may even call it the Phoenix of all blogs, rising again from the ashes of YUSU censorship – nothing like a pretentious analogy to get our election juices flowing

Two horse race for York Sport

With nominations having been open over a week, TR has noted that election fever has yet to gather any real sense of momentum

The call of the campaign trail

TR takes great pleasure in announcing that man-about-campus Chris Etheridge has confirmed he is to take to the campaign stage for the fourth year in a row, this time to bear the mantle of Student Activities

The preserve of power?

After a couple of tough, but not unexpected, few days spent battling YUSU for continued survival, we return, slightly shackled but no less enthusiastic, to continue what we started

The start of something great

And so, here we go again. The blog that YUSU and BNOCs alike love to hate has returned in full swing

Probing exit poll probabilities

A look at the statistics behind the exit polls

Off The Record… for good

Ho hum, that was fun. Welcome to the end of Off The Record. This was a test. Would people want…

Let the mudslinging and the conspiracies commence

If there are two things that can be guaranteed every election season, without fail, they are scandals involving the breaching…

The devil is in the details…

Elections rules – OTR, for one, is bored already with them, and there’s still 2 weeks to go until campaigning…

Electioneering heats up, plus Tim’s ‘one-year goal’

Nominations open tomorrow, and from where OTR is standing, that fact is all too apparent. At RAG at the Movies…