Zain Mahmood

Deputy Comment Editor (2013/14)

Zain has written 9 articles for Nouse

Students need more financial support to study abroad

The Bologna Process, a series of meetings between 47 representatives from higher education facilitates across the EU, are organised to…

Snowbody’s idea of winter

I’m from a town called Luton, about three hours south from York, and we get a bit of snow each…

Who runs the world?

The domination of men in committee positions needs to be addressed

Block A’s unwanted visitors

Rats and silverfish have invaded university accommodation, making now the time to demolish the blocks

Comments on comments

A countdown of the most controversial Comment articles of Nouse in 2013

New year, same old you

It’s been a rollercoaster of a ride; a year has gone by once again full of achievements and successful resolutions.…

Caught in a trap: students, social media and Ratemash

Websites like this can become much worse. If we do not stop this from getting out of control, others will create online outlets with phone numbers and maybe even home addresses. It’ll be called innovation and labelled as problems of the digital age

Money in the Banksy

You’re in the Big Apple, surveying the intimidating buildings around you, sightseeing and generally having a good time. Now, as…

Let’s STYC together

Zain Mahmood responds to Ellie Rice’s attack on the STYC system