Will Wade Will Wade

Deputy Food & Drink Editor (2010/11)

Will has written 6 articles for Nouse

Mumbai Lounge

If you’re feeling that maybe the UK went a bit overboard on the Britishness and the bunting with the recent royal wedding, and you remember that it wasn’t so long ago that chicken tikka masala was Britain’s favourite dish, then an outing to Mumbai Lounge might be in order

Is that pucker or what?

Bored of baked beans? Will Wade tests whether it’s really possible to rustle up Jamie’s latest wonders in the promised 30 minutes

Hunting for Heslington’s Hotspot

Charles or Deramore? Finding an alternative to campus bars is no simple matter. Will Wade weighs up the pros and cons

Caffeine, Cafés and Corporate Chains

As tea, coffee and cakes brim over into the narrow streets of York, Will Wade assesses the traditional tea room against the corporate names to which we are so accustomed

Café No. 8

What to do as a student on a Saturday night? ‘Salvation, Tokyo and Ziggy’s’ are full of the over thirties/lonely hearts and apparently no one (particularly YUSU) likes Gallery anymore

The Churchill Hotel

There is simply no argument strong enough to dispute the well established fact that student eating habits fall into one of two categories; student cooking or takeaways. Take your pick