Viktoria Dahlrot

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No 10 rejects EU’s call for quotas

The European Union is considering introducing quotas to increase the proportion of women on corporate boards. However, most EU member states are against the proposal, arguing that quotas should not be enforced on a European level

Greece paying for years of debt

Early In 2010, private investors lost faith in the ability of the Greek government to repay its debt. In order to continue functioning the Greek government had to turn to international institutions to fund itself

Loan scheme scrapped

The Liberal Democrat plan to impose annual charges of five percent excess loan repayments, has been ruled out by David Cameron

Halifax crowned Mr and Mrs York

Mr and Mrs Halifax were crowned Mr and Mrs York on Thursday evening, and the two male winners will be leading the RAG parade on Saturday. The couples collectively raised £864 for RAG

Failure to act in Syria shows UN’s problems

This past weekend the United Nations Security Council failed to pass a resolution that would condemn the Syrian government’s actions in the past 11 months. According to the UN more than 5000 have been killed and the violence is increasing between the government and the opposition forces. With this, you would think that the UN would have to intervene