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Which Love Token?

Normally Nouse abhors a cliché like the public abhors Heather Mills McCartney. However, even we must acknowledge that Valentine’s Day is approaching, and you had better buy your lover a present or there will be no sexytime for you.

We therefore trekked all the way to Costcutter in search of treats to tempt even the shyest of lovers out of their shell this Wednesday; here is what we found



Ave. food price: N/A
Ave. drink price: £2.50

I’d forgotten to put the lid on the smoothie maker again. Covered in banana residue and in a state of strawberry confusion, I remembered that I could enjoy both the fruity goodness and alcoholic privileges of a fruit beer courtesy of KoKo, York’s newest watering hole

Which Cake?

The Bar and Restaurant team like eating lots of food and never do any exercise. The section was on the verge of being shut down by the combined force of Jamie Oliver and Ian Wright, and so we launched a campaign against our collective inertia. The campus run was highly successful but we were sad to learn that it did not count as a healthy activity owing to the frequent cake stops. Here is what we found…

The Milk Shack, 14 Church Street

Absolutely delicious. If you choose wisely, that is. With 150 flavours to choose from, this is not a place for the indecisive. Give yourself at least 10 minutes to scan the menu, or you could make the potential error of choosing something with sounds great but tastes revolting…pink shrimp, for example

Wrapid, 4 Coney Street

Love to all my badass food M.C.’s. Word on the street is that there’s a new place opened in town and it’s off the ends. Ok, tedious link over. Wrapid is the latest eatery addition to Coney Street. Offering up ‘awesome food, hot and prepared-crammed into a tasty wrap.’

I was slightly dubious of another chain sandwich bar opening in York, as it already seems we are over run with them

Which Sweeties?

Gosh, isn’t it a long time since you skipped off to the sweetie shop in the first flush of youth, with a feverish glint in your eye! Some readers may have fond memories of a generic Woolworth’s pic ‘n’ mix counter feeding their childhood sugar-based fantasies, others may have had their confectionary dispensed by a kindly old tweed-clad gentleman who wore special gloves and had a slightly creepy smile…

The Olive Tree, 10 Tower Street

Situated opposite Clifford’s Tower, this restaurant is not hard to miss and boasts beautiful views, although come 10pm this is somewhat tarnished by drunks rolling down the hill. The Olive Tree prides itself with an unwavering passion for food as they strive to source the best ingredients and quality products …

Which Ben and Jerrys?

Mellowed by the gorgeous summer sunshine the Bar and Restaurant team decided to diverge from their normal Which? method of making it up as we go along. Instead, we assembled a motley crew of testers, all on a mission to gorge themselves on premium ice cream. Seven girls, one boy, four pints of ice cream and fifty plastic spoons later, we were able to draw some conclusions. Here’s how we got on…

It’s not just workers who need a union

Not content with what either the University or the city of York has to offer, your dedicated Bar and Resturant editors Victoria Hallam and Lucy Peden have been scouring the country to find the finest student union nights on offer

Which Sandwich?

From May 5th to 12th, Great Britain celebrates its most significant contribution to culinary culture- the sandwich. The official National Sandwich Week is upon us! With exams almost over, and York’s eight month winter at an end, what better excuse for a picnic? We’ve been mainlining carbohydrates up and down the country in order to tell you which rolls to relish and which baguettes to banish to the ducks!

Which Fair Trade Treat?

It’s Fairtrade Fortnight, running from 6th-19th March, and with over 1,300 certified product now available it has become even easier to choose fair trade. You can also get involved in the York Fairtrade festival, Saturday Week 10, from 9am till 4 on Parliament Street. In the push to ‘Make Fairtrade Your Habit’, an increasing number of retailers are stocking fair trade products

Which Pancake?

We are outraged that the sanctity of Lent is not given the respect it deserves, as people continue to consume batter-based products long after Shrove Tuesday when all should be living on a diet of Smash and tap water. For the uninitiated (Heathens! Infidels!) a pancake features the following deeply significant ingredients; eggs for creation, salt for wholesomeness, milk for purity, and flour, the stuff of life