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Il Gattopardo (1963)

Luchino Visconti’s Il Gattopardo (The Leopard) is acclaimed as being the centrepiece of Italy’s golden era of cinema – and rightly so

Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps

The government have been trying for years to tackle England’s drinking problem

Super Mario: Hollywood edition

Videogames are a billion dollar industry to rival the silver screen. Venetia Rainey explores the collision of these two worlds

Roxy Velvet

Burlesque is a concept with a widely misunderstood meaning. Very different from the seedy pole dancing of a Spearmint Rhino club, burlesque is in fact traditionally a performance genre of comedy, satire and acrobatics: less strip, more tease

“You do you just don’t” – Leeds Met

It is hard to make out exactly what I am looking at – the blurred shapes and
diffused colours seem to be hinting at something just beyond my grasp

The Autumn/Winter Collections of 2008

Looking back at the Autumn/Winter collections of 2008, Venetia Rainey advises on the rising neo-goth trend

The complete festival fashion survival guide

As festival season kicks off, Venetia Rainey enters the arena where judgement is suspended and fashion anarchy reigns, advising you on everything from socks to choice of bag, and what to do if it rains…

A man for all seasons

The fourth wall is something that is rarely respected in York’s Drama Barn

The right to a tough choice

As the abortion debate hits the headlines, Venetia Rainey talks to students on both sides to try to understand the issues behind perhaps the most sensitive of taboos

Travel Europe

From historical walks to city trips and continental music festivals, Nouse provides the ultimate European travel companion for your summer

Venetia Rainey and Charlie Kirkbride

We bring to your attention the arrival of a new phenomenon – circus/1980’s revival chic

Fusion is coming…

Despite heavy criticism, Fusion remains the most successful charity event on campus. Venetia Rainey finds out where it all began