Tom Witherow

Muse Editor (2012/13)

Tom has written 132 articles for Nouse

Tom Witherow: The York tradition that will die hard

Entering the weird world of the graduand via an eight-hour Courtyard drinking binge, you find yourself in an awkward limbo…

Tom Witherow: How to be a York landlord

It’s coming to the end of the year and York’s landlords are licking their lips as another round of ‘independently’…

International student told to use hardship fund to pay library fines

A Masters Student has had to apply for extra funds to pay off a £9 key texts fine

Tom Witherow: How to avoid summertime sadness this term

We all love the summer term. We can sit outside cloudbathing, consume cheap beer by the crate load and, once…

Library fine confusion

A university email caused confusion over whether library fines affected graduation

Tom Witherow: The Timeline Clean-Up

Graduation looms as our columnist reconsiders his Facebook profile

Constantine College logo actually shows Emperor Hadrian

University pledges to change Constantine college logo as it is revealed that it shows the wrong emperor

YUSU and its misdirected welfare fetish

YUSU’s welfare policies have gone too far…in the wrong direction

Tom Witherow: Overheard at… the Cal Soc ball

Includes real-life gems such as “Well of course I live in Chelsea, I don’t want to get stabbed!“

Sexposed: the bedroom habits of York students revealed

LGBTQ Social, FetSoc and WomCom run biggest-ever sex survey of York students

Majority of prominent societies governed by men

Men hold the majority of executive committee positions in political and careers societies

Men less likely to go to university

Women are a third more likely than men to opt to go to university