Tom Sutton

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Grayling’s university: the first of many?

The New College of Humanities (NCH) is the logical reaction to the crisis in university funding. We should watch the experiment rather than attack its creator

Economy vs. First Class

Breaking the bank: Burma, China, New York, Jordan. Roues less travelled: Couchsurfing, Tour Britain by the roads

For a Purpose

For a day: Caste Howard, Bronte Parsonage, Alnwick Castle; For the food: Bunol, Berlin; The main event: Carnevale, Military Tattoo, Reykjavic

The new stigma of the supermarket

Last week a squat in Bristol was the target of a raid by the police, yet no one expected what came next. The crowd that had gathered to watch the police operation was sizeable and, in the early hours of the morning, turned on the Tesco Express opposite the squat in what police are calling an ‘anti-Tesco’ riot

A new focus on the past is needed to improve the future

As discontent sweeps the Middle East people in the West, including our esteemed leaders, are turning to history in search of answers. Both Cameron and Obama are anxious to show they have learnt the painful lessons of the past. Events across the globe have highlighted the importance of historical awareness in the modern world

Arguing over AV is a waste of political time

On the 5th of May you will get the chance to vote in a referendum. As a political landmark (the first UK-wide referendum since 1975), we should all be feeling pretty excited

Journalism versus privacy laws

The resignation of Andy Coulson, David Cameron’s chief spin doctor, is just another episode in a story that has refused to die