Tom Round

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Leslie Wins by 3 to 1

In a night of drama, excitement and vast amounts of alcohol, Stuart Leslie, Will Harmer, Rachel Stanford and Nik Engineer…

York Ultimate Aim High for Italy

Ultimate Frisbee team prepare for international championships after success in UK Student Nationals

Squash Five Take York and District League Title

On Sunday 7th March the men’s squash team capped a hugely successful season by clinching the championship of their division…

Red Card for racists

Tom Round caught up with the AU’s Tristan Hale on his return from the Berlin ‘anti-racism’ conference

Reckless Reynolds brings disaster to Darlington

This time last year Darlington football club seemed to be heading for a golden future. In 1999 George Reynolds, self-made millionaire and ardent Darlington supporter, bought the club


Tom Round reports on their competition

You Win Some

Tom Round reports on the fortunes of the men’s basketball first team

Tories face meltdown

The sooner IDS is gone the better – for his party and the country

Marching for Madness

With their latest march, the Stop the War Coalition is betraying the very people it claims to support, whilst siding with foreign radicals and die-hard Ba’athists, argues Tom Round