Tom Parkes

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Review: Everest

The most hostile environment on Earth makes the perfect setting for a thoroughly engaging disaster movie, says Tom Parkes

Castle convert to down Derwent

A single conversion proved to be the difference between Castle and Derwent in a hotly contested clash

“In the battle between heart and mind, mind came out on top”

Despite the Boyhood snub, last Sunday’s Oscars rewarded an outstanding year in film, says Tom Parkes

Review: Blackhat

Michael Mann’s cybercrime thriller is a waste of a brilliant concept, says Tom Parkes

New star in the game

Tom Parkes talks to Alex Lawther, star of the Oscar-nominated The Imitation Game, about Alan Turing’s legacy and playing a younger Benedict Cumberbatch

Review: Ex Machina

A scientist tries to discover whether a robot can pass for human in a psychological thriller that asks disturbing questions about our reliance on technology. Tom Parkes reviews

Review: American Sniper

Bradley Cooper gives an Oscar-nominated performance as the most glorified sniper in US army history. Tom Parkes reviews