Tom Lubek

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Meatless Mondays: Pea and Tarragon Soup

A light a refreshing summery soup, perfect for a hot day

Albums on my Shelf: Nine Inch Nails – The Downward Spiral

Nine Inch Nails’ second album is “the soundtrack to an existential crisis;” Tom Lubek reminisces

Our obsession with ‘real’

In 2003, Nat Fraser was convicted of murdering his wife, but subsequently his conviction was quashed, and Channel 4 showed…

Stick it on the Barbecue: Homemade Burgers

Take advantage of the summer sunshine and get that barbie out that you stowed away last year, as Tom Lubek delves into the homemade burger

Review: A Field in England

Ben Wheatley, one of the most prolific and critically-lauded British directors of recent years, offers up one of the most original films of the year

Opt-out is the right way to go on organ donation

Wales is to be the first country in the UK where a person is presumed to consent to the donation…

Do you believe in life after exams?

Lots of these activities are only fun when you’ve actually got something more important to do instead

Review: A Hijacking

Hollywood should take note from this tense and gritty thriller. Tom Lubek reviews

Review: A Late Quartet

Distinguished actors redeem this heroic story of an ageing quartet’s end-game

Review: In the House

The viewer is irresistibly drawn into Claude and Germain’s literary game

Review: Broken City

Despite a star-studded cast, Broken City suffers from a tired, predictable plot

Review: Side Effects

This clinically cool pyscho-thriller loses a star for relapsing into a conventional narrative. Tom Lubek reviews