Tom Fitz Hugh

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World Service Project

The strong influence of leader Dave Morecroft was evident throughout, with his own compositions forming almost the whole of the quintet’s set

The Book Thief

Even this book’s synopsis is one of the finest I’ve read, describing Markus Zusak’s international bestseller as, “A small story, about: a girl, an accordionist, some fanatical Germans, a Jewish fist fighter, and quite a lot of thievery.”

Calling all cool cats

Tom Fitz-Hugh studies the growth of Jazz & Blues on campus
If you ever tire of the relentlessly modern music tastes of your fellow students, and find yourself harking back to the true swing of the thirties, it’s surprising quite how much campus has to offer

The Balcony

Play: The Balcony Venue: Drama Barn Starring: William Seaward, Sarah Barker, Sam Hinton, James Quelch Rating: * * * As…

Habeas Corpus Preview

The sexually-charged nature of the play provided many challenging scenes, but neither physical contact nor exposure seemed to faze the cast. This impressive production provides a great deal of entertainment, with the opportunity to admire some first-class acting

Waiting For Godot

Production: Waiting For Godot Venue: Theatre Royal Rating: * * * Watching this play, I had the constant sense of…

Men’s Rugby 1sts: York 16-8 St John

In a scrappy game an abler York University side were eventually able to triumph over their Varsity rivals, but they made very hard work of it

Rugby Men’s 1sts – York 16-8 St John

In a scrappy game an abler University of York side were eventually able to triumph over their city rivals

Have I Got News For York

Venue: Vanbrugh College
Rating: * * * *

Last Wednesday, ComedySoc brought satire crashing onto campus with the self-proclaimedly triumphant return of Have I Got News For York

The Trial

Venue:Drama Barn
Rating: * * * *
From the very start, the audience were immersed in a disorientating world: disconcertingly blindfolded and led beyond a curtain by eerie guides

First win for men’s tennis

York Men’s Tennis 1sts achieved their first win of the season against Durham 2nds on Wednesday, lifting themselves from the bottom of the table