Tom Fisher

Deputy Politics Editor (2009/10)

Tom has written 19 articles for Nouse

The hyperbole of tuition fee reform

In the current environment of student anger and widely publicised strikes, the dominant headlines concern tuition fees tripling and teaching funding being slashed. In themselves, they are true, but a far stretch from being a fair reflection of the changes suggested

Osborne’s bold gamble

Nouse Politics team assesses the Comprehensive Spending Review: prudent cuts or reckless gamble?

So much for Miliband’s ‘New Generation’

Last week Ed Miliband made his first major decision after becoming Labour leader

Browne report published today

The findings of the Browne Panel Review are to be released today, revealing Lord Browne’s recommendations for the future of university funding in the UK

Political Edge

Peculiar Vince Cable

Why Labour needed the other Miliband

Unless you have purposefully dodged all forms of media, then you will know by now that Ed Miliband is the new leader of the Labour party. Ed scrapped to victory by a minuscule 1% margin over his brother David, following heavy support from trade unions

UK foreign aid: one step forward… about a million backwards

As with the entry of any new government, most departments go through a series of reforms post-election. The Department for International Development (DFID) has been no exception to this

The death of the Euro Zone: crisis and conflicts

It was only a few years ago that countries were falling over each other to try and gain entry into the prestigious ‘Euro club’

Political Edge

Trying to fight a controversial immigration law? Who do you turn to for assistance? Naturally, the first port of call is popular children’s cartoon character Dora the Explorer

Election results night – live

The Nouse Politics team blog the 2010 General Election results live

York alumni in the election

For the general election held today there are a total of 28 candidates from York University (only counting larger parties)

Vote tactically, or for what you believe in?

As election day edges closer, there is still indecision for many over which party to vote for. However, the bookies are indicating that both York Central and York Outer are not three horse races