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Sports Editor (2013/14)

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Echoes of Glory

Tom Fennelly looks back at the incredible life of Tottenham Hostspur legend Bill Nicohlson, ten years after his death

Tom Fennelly: My shit week so far

Tom reflects on the wilder times at uni

10K York Sport funding pledge granted

University of York Registrar, David Duncan, has pledged to plug any gap in funding for the York Sport Performance Programme up to a maximum of £10,000

Women’s firsts sail to victory against rivals

The York women’s football firsts started their season in an emphatic style, beating local rivals York St John 3-0

Fenn’s alternative Viking Raid route

Tom shares his alternative route to the Viking Raid taking place tonight

Tom Fennelly: My shit week so far

Tom shares his thoughts about freshers

Who will face the drop?

As promotion and relegation are introduced into the College Football League, the Nouse Sport Team look at who can thrive, who is in danger and who may challenge for promotion to the Revolution Premier Division

College Football Overhaul

Promotion and relegation have been introduced for the first time as the entire College Football League structure is reorganised, with Constantine a part of the new setup

Vanbrugh JCRC join forces with societies

Vanbrugh College is launching a new initiative to get college members more involved with societies

York’s Top 50 Tweeters

We all know that if it ain’t on Twitter, it ain’t happened. Here, the Nouse Sports Editors check out the top 50 Twitter accounts to follow at York

The 2014 Summer Transfer Window: The Verdict

With the transfer window closing last Monday, the Nouse Sport team offer their thoughts on a transfer window which saw Premier League clubs spend over £800 million for the first time

York student crowned VX World Champion

A student from the University of York has been crowned the 2014 V2 World Champion in the developing sport of VX