Tom Crockett

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Which Wine?

Recently the wine market has become flooded with bottles and bottles of cheap generic plonk, which the less refined palates of students will guzzle with gusto: a little like blackcurrant or pineapple cordial at 14% proof. Wine is becoming the drink of all peoples, yet I mourn the death of realised appreciation of this most noble and ancient of liquids

Kapadokja – George Hudson St.

I have often staggered past the garish yellow exterior of Kapadokya on my way to Toffs and wondered what the food was like. The menu was certainly more lamb-based than I expected. The lamb here is served in every possible form, from steaks, kebabs, köftes, dumplings, and the superb lamb shank which we made short work of

Wednesdays, Beverly

After an enjoyable day’s polo at Beverley Polo Club, we met up with the rest of the players taking part in the Northern Universities Polo Competition, and whom, (if I may smugly say,) we beat, winning the tournament

Tuscany, Coney Street

Unexpectedly I like this place. So much in fact I’ve been back twice. The décor, although a little predictable is difficult to fault and I think successfully merges the original medieval with a modern bare-wood stainless steel interior. There was a slight mix-up with our booking- which is, in my mind totally unforgivable, especially as I rang up two hours before to change to non-smoking, following the near-miraculous and unsuspected success of my new year’s resolution

ASK, Blake Street

Crazily opulent surroundings greeted my guest and I as we arrived at the aptly-named Grand Assembly Rooms in Blake Street. A former civic building, ASK is a rather gorgeous example of over-the top classical revivalism – a high-ceilinged basilica complete with gilded, marbled Corinthian columns, foliated frescoed frieze contrasted by the most charmfully understated glass chandeliers