Thomas Byrne

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Let’s talk about depression

Fellow sufferers: you know nothing. I know nothing. The current medical profession knows very little

Decide what you’ll tolerate from politicians

The question we have to ask isn’t whether we should hold politicians to the same or even higher moral standards of the rest of us, but whether we’re willing to expend the energy to hold them to account ourselves

The equal marriage bill is not what threatens the institution

On the one side we have the ‘equality-obsessives’ proclaiming that anything that could be considered unequal in society must therefore be bigoted and eradicated; on the other a small band of homophobes who consider Britain to be imprisoned by a merciless prism of egalitarianism

More Murdoch should not be shunned outright

I admire Rupert Murdoch. For this confession I fully expect a bashing from the types who indulge in self-satisfied back-patting, each competing to see who can be the best middle class red top-trashing liberal