Tess Pullen

Managing Director (2015/16)
Deputy Arts Editor (2014/15)
Deputy News Editor (2014/15)

Tess has written 29 articles for Nouse

Thanks, but no thanks

A recent NUS survey found that a quarter of respondents had experienced unwanted sexual advances. Tess Pullen examines how the issue affects students at the University of York

Students told they were not allowed to rent house because of gender

The landlord wanted an all-female household but the letting agency were apologetic about the situation

Students troubled by council tax demands

Several students have received summons to court over council tax exemption errors

College Elections 2014

Full coverage of this year’s Junior Common Room Committee and Student Association elections

Hungary’s far right nationalist party makes gains in the latest local election

Following Hungary’s latest election we are met with the somewhat chilling news that Jobbik, Hungary’s far right party, often labelled…