Tess Pullen

Managing Director (2015/16)
Deputy Arts Editor (2014/15)
Deputy News Editor (2014/15)

Tess has written 29 articles for Nouse

Quite interesting

Alan Davies talks to Tess Pullen about the shortcomings of student life, the struggles of parenthood and the final leg of his worldwide tour

Building Blocks

Tess Pullen provides concrete proof for why we should defend Brutalist architecture

Edinburgh Fringe 2015 Review: NewsRevue

The lauded sketch troupe draw crowds, delivering faultless topical mockery and damaging a few egos along the way. Tess Pullen reviews

Edinburgh Fringe 2015 Review: Abigoliah Schamaun: Post-Coital Confessions

With a welcoming and disarming honesty, the American comedian sets out to shock her prudish British audience, with some success. Tess Pullen reviews

Edinburgh Fringe 2015 Review: Circa: Close up

Daring acrobatics from fringe favourites Circa, keep the audience on tenterhooks but a broken fourth wall damages the effect. Tess Pullen reviews

Edinburgh Fringe 2015: Cressida Brown Q&A

Cressida Brown tells Tess Pullen how she came up with the concept for Walking the Tightrope, and why we should give the hashtags a rest when debating freedom of expression

Edinburgh Fringe 2015: An interview with Tez Ilyas

Ahead of his solo show, TEZ Talks, the acclaimed Tez Ilyas speaks to Tess Pullen, about a fresh take on life in Britain and going from civil servant to satiric conversant

Alcuin to reconsider current structure of student committees

On Thursday 11 June, Alcuin will hold a referendum on whether it should change from a Junior Common Room Committee…

York delegates sign scathing letter to NUS

The letter criticises the atmosphere and accessibility of the most recent conference has been signed by 43 student representatives

Abortion comments spark anger and complaints after debate

Comments made by two Life Matters representatives were called ‘inappropriate’, ‘misogynistic’ and ‘offensive’

Universities see increase in donations

A combined total of £807m was raised by universities during 2013/2014

Constantine College vote of no confidence successful at committee stage

Constantine College Student Association has successfully passed a vote of no confidence against Usman Khan