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Talent by numbers

Any lackaday sod can tell you that Britain’s Got Talent works to a formula. But I’ve teamed up with Steven Hawkins, Brian Cox, and Carol Vorderman to cook up the actual numbers

Ofcom the clothes

A pen portrait of a sad soul making a complaint to Ofcom about BGT

Vox popping the BGT bubble

The second instalment of Britain’s Got Talent spattered onto the nation’s TV screens again on Saturday, sporting more cringe-worthy contestants and unconvincing sob stories

Uncovering the judges

Perhaps you are a banner-waving BGT fanatic. Or perhaps instead of watching you would rather smother your own leg in mayonnaise and gnaw at it until all that remains is a bloody, eggy stump. But it’s what everyone else is watching, and you’re all out of mayo

Britain’s Got Talent

Britain’s Got Talent is back on our screens, and this Nouse blog is here to bring you the gossip, the stories, and the drama – from my sofa, to yours