Sylvia Rowley

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Election campaigning infused by negativity

Many things have been said about the 2005 election campaign. The Sun called it the most boring ever, while the BBC questioned whether or not it was in fact “policy-free”

Bush and Europe aim to heal Iraq rift

In the run up to the general election Tony Blair has been talking of reconciliation in his ‘marriage’ to Britain. But this is not the only relationship that needs patching up after the troubled invasion of Iraq. In his recent trip to the continent George Bush did his best to charm Europe in order to mend what has become a decidedly uneasy long-distance relationship

Exploiting immigration

Sylvia Rowley explores Tory proposals for a quota system on immigrant numbers

Michael Howard has released proposals to place quotas on the number of immigrants allowed into Britain. Should the Conservatives come to power the annual quota for refugees would be around 20,000, while work permits would be issued to economic migrants according to Britain’s needs