Sunaina Suri

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YO1 Festival Food – The Review

Sunaina Suri samples the food and drink on offer at last weekend’s YO1 festival

YO1 Festival Food

We preview the wonderful selection of food on offer at this year’s YO1 festival

All in good spirits: ISA Beverage Festival

Sunaina Suri takes on the task of sampling drinks at a beverage festival. It’s a hard life…

Traditional Christmas tipples

Mulled Wine Christmas isn’t complete without a glass of this hot, festive drink. Traditional recipes were much spicier, using lesser-known…

Meatless Mondays: Beetroot Rice

Paint the town red with this delicious beetroot veggie recipe

The Naked Baker: Apple Crumble

Get ready to crumble with a sumptuously nostalgic recipe

In Transit: Asia on the Cheap

A traveler’s guide to getting the best from your time abroad

500 Days of Summer Cocktails

Be not without refreshment this summer with a line-up of some of the strongest and cheapest to share with friends, family, pets, or anyone else who might stroll past as you stir and shake

The Elixirs of Success

Looking for the beverages which boost your brainpower, Sunaina uncovers six of the best


When hearing the phrase ‘Cage Soc’, many possibilities of societies come to mind (I will not mention those). The Cage…

FoodAid: How you can help

Feeling charitable and need to get out of the university bubble? Here are some great and food-linked volunteering projects you can join today

Cheat’s Eats: Microwave Coffee Cake

Bringing in a new series for the Food and Drink section, Sunaina introduces a cheat cake. For those times when nothing but cake will do