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AU Edge: With AU President Stuart Leslie

Recently, the Colours Committee have considered several nominations for Club and Team of the Year, and on receiving these applications it became apparent just how much initiative and dedication has gone into the success of the past twelve months. All 16 applications for Club of the Year were excellent, and I was genuinely impressed by the efforts put in by volunteers on all the club committees

AU Edge – With AU President Stuart Leslie

Our flagship Roses weekend is set to take centre stage on the sporting calendar. Indeed the competition has already begun. Although we suffered a defeat in the skiing last Wednesday, come May 6th, this precursor turns into a major spectacle. The remaining 241 points are fiercely contested as Lancaster challenge our sporting elite across campus, in an attempt to retain the Carter-James Trophy they captured from York in 2004 for the first time since 1986

AU Edge: With AU President Stuart Leslie

ON THE eve on the inaugural Varsity competition, the Roses Competition may seem like a bizarre choice for the topic of this column, however the spectacle itself is only a few weeks away. As an AU President in a home Roses year, it is accepted that the preparations for this three-day extravaganza involves a yearlong effort

Women’s Cricket Team on Target

Ice, snow, and an 8am start were an unlikely combination for a day of cricket, but this became a prelude…

New AU President Talks to nouse

On my second election night as a candidate, excitedly yet nervously anticipating the results, I was overjoyed to experience a…

James’ Lead Wavers

AU Vice President Stuart Leslie on this years inter-College tournament