Steven Williams

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My Bloody Valentine – Soon

You’d be forgiven for thinking that My Bloody Valentine’s music doesn’t really lend itself to dancing

Dead Kennedys – Let’s Lynch the Landlord

A few months ago, my bedside wall became afflicted with a patch of mould roughly the same shape (though, regrettably, not the size) of Argentina

The Raccoons – Run With Us

Apparently, the 80s had so much dancey goodness oozing out of every orifice it had to offload it in the weirdest places…

Highly Suspicious

This song (from forthcoming album ‘Evil Urges’) is a bit more Prince falsettoing over Funkadelic. Purist fans will react with that mix of bewilderment and devastation that only seems to exist on the faces of small children whose ice cream has fallen from its cone

Where the Wild Roses Grow

Apparently brought about by Cave’s appreciation of the diminutive diva’s hit ‘Better the Devil You Know’, the result was this ‘murder ballad’ in which Kylie weirds it up with some ethereal intonation as Cave ominously croons at her

Weird Al Yankovic – Hardware Store

Yankovic is far more than a food-obsessed loon trading on a hackneyed ‘white nerd’ stereotype. His original compositions are, surprisingly, often joyous and chaotic

Len – If You Steal My Sunshine

There’s no escaping it; Len are to summer what Slade is to Christmas

Pet Shop Boys – That’s The Way Life Is

Though upbeat and sun-soaked, its lilting melody is tinged with a mature recognition: as summer’s candle burns to its wick

The Sonics – Do You Love Me

Maybe not strictly a summer song per se, but, like most of the band’s repertoire, this is a prime slice of fuzzy surf-guitar pie with all the necessary ingredients

The Teenagers – Reality Check

If you’re not familiar with The Teenagers’ particular brand of sleaze pop, download ‘Homecoming’ for quick refresher course: think Grease’s ‘Summer Loving’, as re-played by a vacuous Blonde cheerleader and a potty-mouthed European lothario

In Depth

Music fans are now circumventing traditional media and finding new music to champion at its roots

Hercules & Love Affair (ft. Anthony Hegarty)

If you’d told me that the next big thing from DFA Records planned to utilize the “unique” vocals of Antony Hegarty, I would have imagined that it would have a produced a similar reaction to Robert Oppenheimer sharing his summer vacation plans with Ghandi