Steven Roberts

Deputy Film Editor (2012/13)

Steven has written 13 articles for Nouse

One of a crime

Steven Roberts talks to award-winning cinematographer Richard Stoddard about creating the look of ‘Celtic noir’ for unique Welsh detective drama Hinterland

Albums on my Shelf: Jamie T – Panic Prevention

Drinking, smoking, and yearning for home: Steven Roberts revisits an old favourite from Jamie T

Have we had enough of the Superhero genre?

Alfie Packham and Steven Roberts debate whether superhero franchises have run their course

The Concrete Knives: Be Your Own King

Concrete Knives speak to Charles Davies and Steven Roberts about home, nightmares and daring to change

Directing on a Micro-Budget

Steven Roberts speaks to Michael Baig-Clifford about BAFTA success and working with Ray Winstone

The Playlist: Electronic

In this week’s playlist, Alex Osborne and Steven Roberts take a wander through the broad church of electronic music

Stoke Your Fires

Steven Roberts interviews Gillian Cale, film festival co-organiser

The Debate: Are films getting too long?

Was there a great ninety-minute film in there somewhere? Steven Roberts and James Tyas talk Kubrick and Cameron in a bid to find out

Review: Hitchcock

Hitchcock has pulled in followers of the famed director of Psycho. However, this muddled film was apparently overwhelmed by the man’s enigmatic aura. Steven Roberts reviews

Review: The Impossible

In his portrayal of the deadly Boxing Day tsunami, Bayona confidently engages with sensitive subject matter and produces a touching picture. But it is not altogether a humbling one. Steven Roberts reviews

The 2013 Oscar Nominations

Steven Roberts offers a breakdown of the 2013 Academy Awards nominations

2012: A Year in Film

Walter Salles’ adaption of Kerouac’s ‘unfilmable’ novel, On The Road, is far better than it has any right to be