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Band: union of knives
Single: evil has never

Does the world need more indie bands trying to make dance music? “Genres are so irrelevant!” I hear you scream from your oh-so-cool discotheque. Well then, here’s some more indie with synths and a house beat

Explosions in the Sky, All of a sudden I miss everyone


Let’s get this straight: new-rave this is not. With an average song length of seven-and-a-half minutes and an album title more emo than your younger sibling’s wonky fringe, All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone is a long way from the bandwagon

Amy Winehouse, Back To Black

Recent photographs of Amy Winehouse looking positively skeletal make it all the more remarkable this soulful, bassy voice comes from a white girl from Southgate.

Back to Black is the follow up to her 2003 debut, Frank, and continues in very much the same style, despite her best attempts to carve out an ‘edgier’ sound – hip-hop beats and (gasp) swearing in song titles do little to push Winehouse out of the musical abyss marked ‘easy listening’