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Taking the impact out of equality assessments

Don’t get me wrong, equality is incredibly important to me – I can’t speak for racial and cultural minorities, but as a woman I will not be treated differently because of my sex

Immigration law a step in the right direction

Immigration has always been a contentious issue, and Theresa May’s new plans for deportation are about to make it even more so

Ched Evans: Consent, Crime, and Punishment

For many men convicted of rape the problem is their failure to understand what constitutes consent

Abortion in the Republic a privilege of the rich

Yet again, that ugly question has reared its head; what should we do with Ireland? This time, however, the ‘Irish Question’ encircles not militant activity and the struggle for independence, but plain old rights and morals. More specifically, it focuses on abortion, and whether the Irish standpoint on this issue is ‘right’

Missing teen still not found

The search continues for York teenager Jordan Sullivan, who was last seen almost a month ago

Honorary degrees are unnecessary

As of last week, the University can now hold to its name four new doctors: Lyce Douset, Dr Thomas Brewer, Professor Dame Sally Davies, and Sir Mark Walport. Honorary doctors, I should point out, are ‘doctors’ who have not slogged for a PhD or equivalent at this university. They are becoming something of a trend these days, especially among celebrities, which raises a few questions: what the hell is an ‘honorary’ doctorate? And what’s the point?

Contractors leaving housing problems untouched

Students in Halifax and Derwent continue to face problems with the standard of their accommodation as University contractors fail to deliver repairs on time

Fall in application numbers to affect York

Universities across the country have suffered a 12 per cent drop in applications for the next academic year as York departments are facing unpredictable figures